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New Experiences - sissy_nanc
New Experiences

Here is a picture of the things i was told to pick up on my way home last night.  Depends extra absorbant diapers, baby oil, baby powder, a bottle, a pacifier, baby food and a butt plug.

After purchasing the  diapers i had to go into the restroom and put one on for the ride home.  Then once i left the store i was to pull my new nuk out and suck on it until i got home.   Buying these things wasn't too bad, but when i was at a stop light and people were looking at me as i sucked on my pacifier i was pretty embarrassed.  :)

i've never thought of infintilism as particularly erotic, but to know that She wanted me to get these things and to publicly humiliate myself gives me an awesome charge.

When i stopped at the adult store for my butt plug, i went all out and put my really red lipstick on before i walked in.  It should have been an in and out purchase but the clerk had to check and see that the vibrator worked (VIBRATOR??!!) and he, just like any other stupid man, made it into a long drawn out ordeal.  Now that was embarrassing - standing at the counter sucking my pacifier, wearing a diaper, panties, pantyhose and bright red lipstick.  i think he prolonged it just to watch me sweat :)

i was allowed to lay on my bed and hump my tiny pee pee until i squirted my sissy juice in my diaper.  How incredible new experiences can be!  i loved it!!  i enjoyed the warm feeling of my sissy juice and had a great nights sleep in my dirty diapers.  At least my panties will stay cleaner :)

Now today, i will use my butt plug/vibrator, a pair of diapers, panties, and stockings to work.
  i wasn't able to find a plastic panty for extra protection so if She does make me pee my pants today, i hope these extra absorbant diapers really ARE extra absorbant.  i'll bring another pair of pants and a clean diaper just in case.

This really *is* quite degrading and humiliating and this pansy fag LOVES it!!! :)

the happy but worthless sissy diapered pantywaist nancy

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From: kruise62 Date: April 30th, 2009 02:44 am (UTC) (Link)
Just wanted to say hi and that i'm a fan.
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