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An Amazing Conversation with an Amazing Woman - sissy_nanc
An Amazing Conversation with an Amazing Woman
i was just doodling around at work this afternoon when the Yahoo messenger popped up with a message from someone. Normally this is just spam and is quickly ignored but not today.

A Woman somehow found my profile and interests and started talking to me. This probably happens all of the time to most people, but for a loser like me this NEVER happens!

She wants me to get super absorbant adult diapers to wear over my panties and pantyhose!  Ohhh my!!  She wants me to send Her pictures of me in diapers :)  i've never had a fascination with diapers or infantilism but after talking to Her and knowing how much She will laugh when She sees those pics, i just can't wait to get them!!

How embarrassing it would be if She wanted me to wet myself at work!  She said that She might make me wet myself if if i upset Her. 

i wonder if i should upset Her on purpose?

the loser sissy panty-waist nancy

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